Work Without a Work Permit

Types of jobs in Canada that DO NOT require a Work Permit

The following types of jobs may not require a work permit for foreign nationals to work in Canada. To qualify for an exemption, a person’s job must be on this list and they must meet the additional exemption criteria for their specific job as outlined on the International Mobility Program (IMP) webpage:

  • Athlete or coach

  • Aviation accident or incident investigator

  • Business visitor

  • Civil aviation inspector

  • Clergy

  • Convention organizer

  • Crew member

  • Emergency service provider

  • Examiner and evaluator

  • Expert witness or investigator

  • Family member of foreign representative

  • Foreign government officer or representative

  • Health care student

  • Judge, referee or similar official

  • Military personnel

  • News reporter or film and media crew

  • Producer or staff member working on advertisements

  • Performing artist

  • Public speaker

  • Short-term highly-skilled worker

  • Short-term researcher

  • Student working off-campus

  • Student working on-campus

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